Secondary Containment Systems For all Hydrocarbons and Chemical containment needs. Strut-Lok™ is a specialized product

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A unique, durable and cost effective Secondary Containments System.

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Durability Assurance


Spill-Chek has been in business over 30 years. We are confident enough to give our Durability Assurance on our Secondary Containment's



Structures that Works

  •  Strut-Lok™ Is a unique product designed by Spill-Chek Environmental Products & Services Corp.   Spill-Chek can design and custom build a Solid Wall Panel Containment  to meet your needs. 
  • Solid Wall Panel Containment offers
  • · speed of installation 
  • · Light weight
  • · Remote site installation
  •  Design Parameters: 
  • · 26 ga. Steel skins (minimum 0.019" thick) each face. Minimum yield strength 33 ksi Polyurethane Foam Core minimum density =     2.5 lbs/sq.ft. 
  •  Fire Tested in accordance with CAN/ULC S102-M88 (panel with joint)  Flame Spread:  65  Smoke Developed:  210       

 Technical Information    


  1) Flat Panel Thickness:

  •  3”  Panel
  •  Height 12”,18",20" and 24" coverage  

 2) Standard Panel Length: 8’ (2438.4 mm)

 3) Skin Thickness: Standard 26 ga. 

     Skin Materials: Galvanized (G90)  Galvalume (Aluminum) 

 4) Painted Top Flashing:Powder coated International Orange, custom colors or non slip safety surfaces available

     Core Material: Pressure Injected High   Temperature Soya Blend Polyurethane Foam.     

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Above Ground Sidewall Polyvinyl Containment System

  • Strut-Lok™/Spill-Chek Above Ground Secondary Containment         

  1.  The Spill-Chek Polyvinyl above ground containment System should be stored in a covered area prior to use. Keep the product in its shipping skid and do not remove the wrappings. Store at ambient temperatures.  

  •   The site preparation must be completed prior to the arrival of the installation crew. The prepared area needs to be larger than the actual size of the polyvinyl containment unit. There needs to be at least 18″ to 24″ of freeboard outside the polyvinyl containment unit on all four sides to allow for the proper Installation of system. Also a layer of non woven geotextiles will be layed on containment site prior to containment installation. All lines will be painted on perimeter of installation to insure accurate placement.  

  1. Sealing the Seams ― Seams can be sealed  with a Heat Gun or polyvinyl welder. Both methods require a minimum of a 2″ overlap and the vinyl must be dry and clean; free from dust and dirt. Aerosol cleaner should be used for proper seam preparation. Thoroughly clean and dry both edges of the vinyl to be joined.  Tip: Trimming excess vinyl at the seams will make seaming easier and pre-marking the seam overlap with a line will keep the seam straight, uniform, and avoids wrinkles. 

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