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What type of containment do you need help with?


What type of containment do you need help with?

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There’s no such thing as a “one size fits all” solution, when it comes to secondary containment solutions for oil-filled electrical equipment. Whether retrofitting existing containment, designing ideal protection for a new substation, or ensuring SPCC compliance, each site is unique and requires a customized solution based on several variables. These variables include subsoil type, site topography, space or depth constraints, aesthetics, and many more. With variables differing from site to site, the design of the containment system will also change.

To assist in sorting through the factors that impact secondary containment design, we have created an interactive, easy-to-use, Secondary Containment Solutions Tool to serve as a guide for identifying the best solution for your site-specific situation. This dynamic application can be utilized for two different applications:

  • New Containment –      For new construction sites or those that do not currently have containment

  • Existing Containment –      For sites that do currently have containment, but are interested in retrofitting or different containment      options

Use of the Secondary Containment Solutions Tool is extremely straightforward. 

To begin, simply click on the type of solution you are seeking, New Containment or Existing Containment. A page will open displaying some of the available containment options offered by Strut-Lok™ Systems. To narrow it down, click on the variables applicable to your situation at the top of the screen, and the tool will filter accordingly.

Note: Every system requires filters here is an summary of filters  we have to offer :


HFF Oil Stop Valve filters and processes water, removing

hydrocarbons, including most volatile organic compounds, to a non-detectable

level while meeting Federal SPCC mandates. Constructed from rugged,

perforated casing which contains our Agent-Q each HFF is designed and                  

custom manufactured for site specific application.

In the case of a significant oil release, it will automatically shut off, preventing

hydrocarbons from migrating off-site. The HFF offers the highest flow rates

in the industry (with at least 12 inches of head pressure).

Part Number Adaptor Type

HFF2x12M Male

HFF4x12M Male

HFF4x24M Male

HFF6x24M Male

HFF8x24M Male

HFF8x36M Male

HFF14x24M Male

HFF14x24MC Male


Innovative filtration technology to polish sheen from indoor or outdoor

water discharge operations of portable containment, spill berms, spill

pallets and more. 

This filter features Agent-Q for removing oil from water and a zinc

strip to retard the growth of algae and mold. 

Hydrocarbon Detection Strip 

It strip against the outer skin indicates when the filter needs to be changed.

Easy to install over threaded or non-threaded outlet pipe.

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For Existing Secondary Containment


Make note on each site specification and restrictions and submit to us via quote request  

Type of Wall/Containment:

Existing Concrete 

Existing Composite 

Existing Concrete Vault 

Earthen Berms 

Retention Ponds 

Weirs, Booms or Barrier 

Sumps or Collection Systems 

Impervious Dikes, Berms, or Retaining Walls 

Spill Diversion Ponds 

Condition of wall / containment


Holds Water 

Floor is Porous 


Containment Below Grade 

Fire Suppression / Fire Resistant 

Supports High Flow Rates at Low Head 

Aesthetics are an Issue 


For New Secondary Containment


Make note on each site specifications, preferences and restrictions, next submit to us via quote request. 

About the Site:

Permeable Subsurface 

Near Navigable Water 

Can Support Traffic / Heavy Load 

Water Table Close to Surface 


Covered By Insurance 

Containment Below Grade 

Containment Above Grade 

Fire Suppression / Fire Resistant 

Supports Redundancy 

Supports High Flow Rates at Low Head 

Aesthetics Are An Issue 


Space Constraints 

Depth Restrictions 

Winter Temps Below 20F 


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Check out this great video


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